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The Story Of

Harley & Debbie

This was a great photo of the client's Westie Harley and his wife Debbie on the beach.
I used Pan Pastel on the background of the sky and the beach, but the rest is pencils.


After drawing out a rough sketch of the piece, I masked the to characters and a strip on the horizon, with a low tack masking film which I placed and carefully cut out with a scalpel.

The next stage was to create the sky and beach with Pan Pastels. I applied them with a sponge and a sponge applicator (make up applicators are great for this). The masking film is still in place.

5_no Friskett.jpg

When I was happy with the beach and sky, I carefully removed the masking film, and was left with clean paper where it was applied. 

I could then put the details of the characters, sea and beach in using pencils,

Final_Harley_15 hrs.jpg
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