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The Story Of

Kiss My Nose

This drawing of a Golden Retriever, was to practice drawing a dog's nose.
There's quite an art to it! Everyone comments on this drawing,
so I scanned it and made Greetings Cards from it.
Original Framed Drawing For Sale £240.00

Greetings Cards For Sale £3.50 each


I started the drawing with a rough outline of the dog and a layer of coloured pencil to mark tone and colour changes.

Increasing the colour and direction of the fur, and starting to fill the nose with a base layer of colour.


Most dog's noses are made up of tiny sections. The sections have crevices between them that are very dark, and light is reflected on the top of each bump.
The nostrils are the darkest part. But even black
noses have colours within them.

When I've captured the colours, light and shade in the nose, I finished the fur texture and add a few whiskers!

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