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The Story Of


This commission was a custom size and only quite small to match an embroidery the owner had of another cat. The commission not only had to be a certain size, but also had to sit on a green background. This one didn't take too long to do because of its size, which was lucky as I managed to squeeze it in a couple of weeks before Christmas as a surprise present for the owner's husband.


I started with a light layer of pencil making sure I was working in the direction of the fur.

As I progress, I'm deepening the colours using layers of pencil and picking out the the strands of fur on the ears and over the eyes.


The client sent me this photograph of her arranging the framing of Jem Jem to match the existing embroidered picture of her other cat. I left small white marks on the background board so that the framer could cut it to size ready for the double mount.

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