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The Story Of The

Cat On The Hat

This is a drawing of my good friend Jim with his barn cat sitting on his head! It was completed for the Broadway Arts Festival in Worcestershire, in 2022. It was the first time I had entered this prestigious national competition, and I was delighted to be accepted into the Gallery Exhibition. Completed totally in coloured pencils on A3 Pastelmat paper.

Original Framed Drawing For Sale £300.00
Giclee Prints For Sale

Jim Framed.jpg

This is the finished and framed drawing of 
'Cat On The Hat'


I started with the cat, trying to capture the texture of the fur and the colours in his eyes


The textures in this image are great, I absolutely loved capturing the fabric of the hat and the subtle  reflections in the glasses.


Jim is great to draw but the biggest challenge has to be that bushy beard!

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