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This was a Christmas commission but this time it went all the way to America. Mart wanted a drawing of his dog Zoe to give to his wife. Mart sent me many photos, and we finally decided on this image. Mart loved this photograph because you can see their house in a reflection in her eye – and Zoe took great pride in guarding their home. The package was held up in New York in November, and Mart let me know that sadly Zoe had died. Obviously the family was devastated. A few days later the drawing was with them and Mart said it now had a deeper meaning and would be cherished forever.
This is what makes what I do worth it. Love to all Marts family x
Commission (USA)


I started with the outline drawing and capturing that very special reflection in Zoe's eye.

Next putting in light layers of pencil in the direction of the fur, and using the colours I can pick out of

the photograph which make the final black

much richer in tone.


As important as the eyes is the nose and the wet look that dog's noses have. I was trying here to convey the white fur which had flecks of black in it.

Finally with the ear and neck drawing in, I add the whiskers and flecks of white fur at the front of her neck.

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