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The Story Of


Leo sadly passed away a while ago, but John wanted a portrait for his wife and family
to remember him by. John told me he was a rescue dog and they became his 4th owners, he'd been very badly treated in the past and had a wonky ear, head and his right eye was
a little smaller than his left. The photo they gave me was almost soft focus, so I tried to keep that in the final piece. Leo was very loved with John and his family and they now have a beautiful memorial drawing to remember him by. 


I've lightly put in the ears and added quite a few layers to the eyes to capture the depth. Going to try and keep the soft focus of the original photograph with this drawing of Leo.


The face is really coming to life after I've added the nose. Keeping the layers very light concentrating on the direction of the fur and the tonal values.


Adding the neck fur, you can really begin to see Leo taking shape. The body fur is added for the final drawing and still keeping the edges blurred and soft.

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