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The Story of The

Eyeliner Cat

This is a friend's cat, whose name is Pilk, but when I saw her photo it looked like the cat was wearing eyeliner and so I really wanted to draw her and I've called the drawing the Eyeliner Cat. This is one of a series of drawings I have done for artBeat  which is being held in Broadway, Worcestershire, from 10am to 5pm on the 9th – 11th June 2023. Along with other talented artists, I will be demonstrating, exhibiting and selling my work so come along during the weekend and say hello.

Original Framed Drawing for Sale £220.00

A4 Giclee Prints with Mount, for Sale £35.00


I started with the outline of the cat on a piece of A4 Pastelmat paper. With Faber Castell Albrecht Durer Water Soluble pencils I put in the blue background.
I then painted a circular area around the cat's
head red, and applied a silver metal leaf.
Where it broke the red shows through.


I always start the drawing with the eyes and build up layers of detail from there.


I added another layer of background colour and then when I was happy with the drawing detail I added the whiskers and a dark black outline around the cat, 
which is very different from my usual approach,
but this drawing was done in a very graphic style.

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