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The Story Of


This is Ria. Black dogs are always a challenge, but I love seeing the colours in the black and bringing them out, blues, reds and yellows! Ria's owner had this to say about her:
"Ria is a Greek rescue dog. She was abandoned and found as a stray in Greece and taken into a shelter before coming to the UK with a charity, which is how we came to adopt her. She wasn't in a great state when she was initially found but she's far healthier now.
She's mostly GSP but there's a teeny bit of German wire-haired pointer in her according her DNA testing."



My drawings always start with the eyes, capturing the reflected light and expression they hold. I then move on to a light layer of base colour, putting down the colours I can see in the black to give them depth.

As the layers build the highlights and colours in the black fur give depth and tone to the overall image.


Working down the dog and from left to right so that the drawing doesn't smudge under my hand. The marks I put down are showing the direction of the fur.

The final part of the drawing is going in, the lovely chunky paw and leg give the whole piece perspective.

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