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The Story Of


This is a drawing I did of my grandson Logan when he was about 6 years old. He was holding the wedding ring box at my sister's wedding and it was such a lovely photograph
I really wanted to capture it. All done in pencil.

Not For Sale


I started this drawing with a light sketch of Logan.

Adding light shading to find where the tonal values change. When drawing people, especially children, you don't want to go in too hard with pencil, it's all about a light touch for the skin.


The background was pencil (which took ages), I smoothed the pencil with a sponge and then reapplied to build up depth of colour.

Adding detail to the eyes and skin, and overall darkening the colours. 

18_Shirt 14hrs.jpg

Finally I added the spaceship pattern of his shirt which was great fun to do.

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