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The Story Of


This drawing is of another of my Grandsons, Dexter. I loved the angle of this photograph, it made him look very cheeky. The textures of the knitted jumper were great to draw.
Not For Sale


After putting in an outline drawing, I start filling the skin with a light layer of 'dark flesh' coloured pencil. Making sure the tonal values are starting to appear.

Artists say their work often goes through an 'ugly stage' at the beginning. And this is definitely it with this drawing of dexter where his skin is not fully completed, his teeth only loosely put in, 
and he looks a bit like a Zombie Child!


Here I've been working on the skin tones and Dexter looks much healthier! I've also started to work on his wispy hair and put a shadow on the underside of the brim of his hat. I've also started
to work on the knitted jumper.

Finally I put in the flecks of the jumper and some texture on the plastic ball.

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