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The Story Of The

Pharaoh Hound

I am a great fan of Vieler Photography. Christian takes the most amazing photographs of dogs, and I found myself 'drawn' to this one Pharaoh Hound. Polychromos, Pablos and Luminance on Anthracite Pastelmat, A4.
Original reference photograph with kind permission from Christian Vieler.

Not For Sale


This drawing was great to do, as Vieler always takes such dramatic photographs. I used Anthracite Pastelmat and as always I start with the eyes, if you get them right the whole thing falls into place.

In this image, I am adding layers of colour to the face of the dog and completing the nose. With a dog's nose it is very important to capture the shine, only then does it look real.


Adding the final details and the neck and body to the piece. Was great to draw and looks so much better
in real life as the Anthracite paper was difficult
to photograph.

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